Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Authentic Faith Relationship

"The problem of evil is real, and it troubles Christians and non-Christians alike.  Evil exists in our world and within each of us ...

There are times when we must complain to God, vigorously and emotionally, about suffering and injustice.  In prayer we hold God accountable for His own promises declared to us in Jesus Christ. 

God shares our weariness, pain and anger in a sin-marred world. 
When we appeal to His covenant promises, we faithfully anticipate the consummation of His eternal kingdom."
- Benjamin Giffone, M.S.
Philadelphia Biblical University

As we travel through life, we continue to encounter situations that just don't make sense.  That are just plain wrong.  We can't begin to understand why God allows these things to happen, and wonder where He is in the midst of the suffering, the evil, the injustice, the persecution.

Yet in the midst of all the wickedness that whirls around us and the evil that battles for a place within: 

1.  I love that we can come to God just as we are.  And that He loves us too intensely to let us remain the way we came.  We can be authentic about our searing pain, upfront with our endless questions, sincere with the raging doubts that threaten to pull us far away from His love.  But even in the midst of all our stuff, He refuses to allow the pain from our past or our current circumstances to define us.  He always wants to transform us to be more and more like His dear Son. 

2.  I love that Jesus absolutely understands the unrest and turmoil in our soulshaving lived on the same earth that we do.  He was flesh and bone, yet absolutely without sin. "A man of sorrows and aquainted with grief" {Isaiah 53}.  This is the One who wept over the death of a friend {John 11}, intensely wrestled with His Father in prayer through the night {Luke 22}, who cried out in the anguish of abandonment on the cross {Matthew 27}.

3.  I love that He patiently continues to woo us to Himself.  He beckons us to turn to Him.  He longs to welcome us with open arms and bring us close to His tender heart where we will find comfort and peace, even in the middle of our heart-wrenching uncertainties and soul-deep sorrows.  He longs to transform us, to deliver us from our endless excuses and our life-defining bondage, our pain-filled addictions and exhausting fears.  His desire is to stretch and grow us and free us from ourselves, enabling us to live lives of holiness as we are filled with the fruit of His Spirit {Galatians 5}.

The book of Psalms gives us full permission to have this kind of authentic relationship with our heavenly Father.  Psalm 13 brings us full circle.  David puts his cards of doubt and fear and apprehension right on the table.  But  in the end, he returns, once again to his Redeemer, the Lover of his often wounded and weary soul.

Can we, should we, do any less?

- photo by Joan Y -


  1. I like your comment: "As we travel through life, we continue to encounter situations that just don't make sense." It's what faith is all about trusting and knowing God is good and in control. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sharon over at My Mother's Caregiver has developed a beautiful, sensitive website that will be encouraging for you to explore if you love and care for someone with dementia or Alzheimer's.

    Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your perspective with us.

  3. I love David and the Psalms because of the authentic relationship he had with God...and God called him a man after his heart. What a great post topic. It's when we don't understand that our faith grows the deepest roots for our faith to survive.

  4. Maybe the more real we are with God, the more deeply His love can reach down into our souls and transform our identities ...

    Thanks for dropping by, Becky!


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