Monday, December 26, 2011

A Special Offer ... An Important Book

Relationship counselor Leslie Vernick's book THE EMOTIONALLY DESTRUCTIVE RELATIONSHIP is a very important volume.  It's a must-read if you're in any kind of relationship that is harmful, abusive, or destructive.  Or care about someone whose life's vibrancy is being drained away by painful uncertainty and potential danger.

And until January 3, 2012, it's available to download onto your Kindle or Nook
for only $2.99.

Discover what behaviors look like that are meant to "control, punish, and hurt." Learn when and how to speak truth.  Determine when to hang in and hang on ... and know when enough is enough.  Learn what being safe is all about and begin to set up boundaries that will protect your soul.  And become equipped to move ahead to a life that is motivated by love and hope, instead of manipulation and fear. 

Not quite sure what emotional abuse is?  Click here
And healing from hidden wounds is here

Let's get this important subject on the table.  Because chances are you know someone who's stuck in that place of devastating hopelessness right now.  And yes, sadly, it just might be you.

I encourage you to make this the first book you read in 2012.


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