Saturday, November 5, 2011

Repeat Performance - "Posturing & Maneuvering"

{If you've joined the ranks of leadership, or have rubbed shoulders with those who've
donned that mantle, you've most likely seen what Ruth Haley Barton calls
"posturing and maneuvering."  Whether in the church or corporate setting,
oft' times it's a fairly subtle dance. 

In my 1/4 century + years of serving in all kinds of church leadership roles, I've either seen/experienced or counseled those with incredibly heart-breaking stories of encounters with in-your-face bullying and other forms of jostling for power/control/influence that was anything but subtle.

Truth be told, I kind of expect it in the world's system.  But to see this dynamic repeatedly unfold in the family of God?  Simply put, it's been more than unsettling and disappointing. 

Is nauseating the better word?

The words below first appeared on this blog 3 years ago today, and like every other
REPEAT PERFORMANCE post, they bear repeating ...}

"It is much easier to talk about community - and even try to create community for others! - than it is to actually experience it at the leadership level. The truth is, most of us are not very good at maintaining our commitment to community when we get together to lead something. We find it more natural to resort to the subtleties of posturing and maneuvering and 'working the system' when caught up in the dynamics of organizational or church life. When we experience disagreement, we are better at creating lines of division, voting each other off the island, or leaving each other than ..."


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