Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hated Jobs, Happy Jobs

Chances are you're looking for work.  Or you know someone who's looking for work.  Or you're longing to find something that'll bring in more money or heftier medical benefits.

Maybe deep inside you're longing to spend your days in ways that would bring that sense of satisfaction that comes from directly impacting people's lives.  Making a difference.  But you're way too apprehensive to step away from a steady paycheck in this economic crisis and risk ending up with nothing at all. 

I think you might find these recent job surveys to be a bit thought-provoking.  Not sure if I ever considered what a happy job looked like, although I've sure heard people talk about how much they despise what they do.


1. Director of Information Technology

2. Director of Sales and Marketing

3. Product Manager

4. Senior Web Developer

5. Technical Specialist

6. Electronics Technician

7. Law Clerk

8. Technical Support Analyst

9. CNC Machinist

10. Marketing Manager


1. Clergy

2. Firefighter

3. Physical Therapist

4. Author

5. Special Education Teacher

6. Teacher

7. Artist

8. Psychologist

9. Financial Services Sales Agent

10. Operating Engineer

Find out all the details about those hated jobs here.  And the happy jobs info is here.

Just a few random observations:

... anyone I've ever talked with wants productive work that allows them to bring home a decent paycheck with medical benefits.

... that large six figure salary might not end up being all it's cracked up to be and in no way guarantees a rewarding career.

... technology might be the wave of the future, but it's not bringing a great level of satisfaction to its workers.

... the demanding, high stress corporate grind that comes with expectations of a 24/7 workweek, managing this and directing that, has the propensity to lead to family problems and medical challenges. 

... you are more likely to leave a legacy when you do something that makes a personal difference in someone's life.  No one wants to function as a cog in a wheel.

... unleashing your creative juices on a professional level brings a gratification that can't be described.

... if you're spending more and more work time trolling around online, or hanging out at the coffee machine/water cooler, you might need to rethink how you're spending your days ... and why.

- picture by Tonyolm -


  1. Wow. I'm an author, and my husband is a CNC machinist. Pretty accurate stuff. :)

  2. It's always good to hear from someone who can verify survey results!

    Thanks for dropping by, Brenda!


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