Saturday, November 26, 2011

The 1 Minute Blessing

After a long absence of weeks or months or years, you've probably had the experience of arriving at the home of someone who loved you.  For a minute or 2 or 3, you are lavished with focused attention.  Warm smiles and big hugs.  Kisses of greeting and heartfelt laughter ... and maybe even a tear or two.  

Life's cares and troubles are left behind as we soak in the
welcoming graciousness, the joyous acceptance, the longed-for grace. 

And do you recall those occasions when the much-anticipated arrival of a special someone caused you to literally drop what you were doing as you made a beeline toward them?

How 'bout those sweet moments when those dearest to you took the time to look into your eyes and let you know how much they were going to miss you as you headed
back out into the world?

Author Gretchen Rubin reflects, "When our two daughters were little, they'd greet my husband and me with wild enthusiasm whenever we walked in the door, and they often cried miserably when we left.  Most recently, however, they had sometimes barely looked up from their games or homework or books when we walked in or out.  It was a relief, in a way, but also a little sad. 

And too often, my husband and I didn't give warm greetings or farewells to the girls or each other, either.  I had already made a long-standing resolution to {read on ...}

So what would it look like to purposely choose to offer a 1 minute blessing to the ones we cherish as they come and as they go? 

On a daily basis. 

How 'bout we do more than barely look up from the stovetop or sink?  Or give more than a distracted nod with one eye on the TV when the ones we're closest to arrive or depart?  What if the words we offer are tokens of life-giving blessing instead of a tiresome litany of the day's woes or an endless harangue of all the things that need to be done? 

What would the blessing of a 1 minute greeting or farewell look like for you?  
Your marriage?  Your family?


The Alabaster Jar

Messy Marriage

- Norman Rockwell painting by x-ray delta one -


  1. This is a great challenge and reminder, Linda. I know that I don't "bless" my husband (or anyone that I meet) nearly often enough. I truly think we miss great opportunities when we stay in that default self-centered mode. Thanks nudging me out of mine and for all you do and say!

  2. It's so easy to dump our day and all its craziness on our family members as they walk through the door. What would our homes be like if we took at least that minute to show love and grace and delight ...

    As always, I truly appreciate your insight, Beth!


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