Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Loneliness Disease

"You can have 1,000 'friends' on Facebook and still be lonely ... Researchers from the University of Chicago have proven it.

They've also explored the dangers of loneliness.  Being chronically lonely can cause as many health problems as high blood pressure, obesity, lack of exercise, or smoking ...

It turns out that loneliness causes our bodies to release stress hormones.  It interferes with the body's immune function.  It impedes cardiovascular efficiency.  Lonely adults tend to sleep less efficiently, eat foods higher in fat, and age prematurely.  In truth, loneliness acts a lot like a disease.

- jacsonquerubin -
God created us for relationship - relationship with Him and with one another ... 'Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you,' our Savior says.

Other people leave us all the time.  They move to another state to take a job.  They come home after work one day and seemingly out of the blue, demand a divorce.  Best friends drift apart.  Our children grow up and establish lives of their own.  Death snatches loved ones away.

No relationship on earth is totally secure.  But we can rely absolutely and without question on our Lord's promised presence.  He will never leave us.  He will never forsake us."

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There is a huge difference between solitude and loneliness.  May you discover the comforting beauties of that truth in this season.


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