Wednesday, September 21, 2011

12 Motivations

She's decluttering again!  And there's no better time than now to join Laura over at I'm An Organizing Junkie for some homekeeping motivation.   Autumn has crept in slowly but surely ... the sun is shining, the leaves are just beginning to turn into amazing shades of red and gold, cool breezes are gently blowing, the kids are back in school, and fresh routines are once again emerging. 

So let's open the windows, rustle up some much-needed energy, and take hold of these five easy steps in our continued journey to whittle down our possessions and simplify our homes and lives. 

Why bother? 

So we can whole-heartedly focus on what's truly important ... a vibrant faith, healthy family life, effective ministry to others.  Or that long-awaited emotional healing, personal growth, professional development ... whatever it is that God has for you in this season!

1.  Set a Daily Goal

2.  Set Up a Donation Station

3.  Start With the Easy Stuff

4.  Ask Yourself Some Simple Questions

5.  Let Go of the Guilt

Click here to scoop up all the motivating details!  I love #4's questions if you get stuck in a quandary over specific things/items/stuff/junk/treasure.

And if you struggle with a bit of nostalgia after you say 'adios' to something that was once a part of your life, you'll appreciate Francine Jay's seven tips to minimizing regrets:

1.  Photograph Sentimental Items

2.  Consider Technology

3.  Do a Trial Separation

4.  Get Some Money For It

5.  Do Good With Your Clutter

6.  Value Your Space

7.  Put It In Perspective

Five + Seven = 12 Motivations!
May this season be a productive one for you ~


  1. Thank you for the motivations! I hope that tomorrow I have the guts to set a goal and get moving on doing some decluttering this week.

  2. You've got it! Without setting some goals {on paper!}, we usually head nowhere quickly ...

    Have fun decluttering ... and thanks for dropping by!


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