Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Introducing Margin-Jottings

I've been using an NIV Study Bible since March 1989.  The frayed burgundy leather is held together with clear packing tape, and it has become like my right arm - indespensible, precious, priceless.  I wouldn't trade this edition of God's Word for anything!

The narrow margins are filled with irreplaceable jottings and notes I've gathered along the way from pastors, professors, teachers, friends, authors, and my own study.  Some wisdom has been gleaned through seasons of unspeakable joy and delightful celebration.  But much of what has hit home for me has come through heart-rending trials and soul-searing sorrow.

I think you know what I mean. 

I am excited about sharing these rich nuggets of truth with you in the days ahead ...

Blessings ~ Linda

"We are all engaged in a battle for good and evil.  What part do you play?  What side are you on?  Sin comes with a certain charm and delight.  When you embrace it, you see it become a savage animal.  Behind the temptation there is the tempter.  Behind the lie, there is the liar."
- Revelation 11, Haddon Robinson, October 2004.

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