Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free Kindles!

This note arrived in my inbox today from Chris McCluskey.  Chris was one of my life coach trainers about a decade ago - and he has come up with an incredible offer ...

"PCCI is having its Grand Opening and we're celebrating BIG TIME with incredibly cool gifts for you! (Our kids are sooo jealous...)  Since we announced our beta classes in June, God has sent us the equivalent of more than a student a day, every single day, including holidays and weekends. The growth is beyond our wildest dreams, and it truly calls for a celebration.

So how do you throw a virtual party??  We're not sure, but Rachel and I love giving gifts and we love reading so we're giving Kindle® Wi-Fi Reading Devices to everyone who enrolls as a student in our Essentials of Coaching course between now and September 30th.

"But what about me?” you ask, “I’ve already taken an introductory coaching course."

No worries - a party’s a party and everyone gets presents! We’re also sending Kindles to everyone who refers anyone who enrolls as a student in an Essentials class before September 30th. You get a Kindle for referring them and they get a Kindle for becoming a student.

Hey, refer five people and get five Kindles - you can get your Christmas shopping done by joining our celebration!

Rachel and I also love music so we're giving Apple iPod Shuffle® Music Players to everyone who enrolls in any of our advanced classes before September 30th. You can even choose your favorite color and have it engraved. (Is this a cool party or what?)

A school only gets one Grand Opening and we want you to join in our fun. My second-highest 'love language' is gift-giving so this is, truly, the best way for us to throw a virtual party."

So be sure to check out The Professional Christian Coaching Program.  And if you're interested in training to become a life coach, there looks to be no better time!   Contact Chris to register for any of the classes or for more information.

Go for it!  I can guarantee that the coaching skills you acquire will transfer seamlessly to whatever you're doing ... professionally, in business, in ministry ... and life!

And a free Kindle isn't such a shabby deal, either!

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