Thursday, June 17, 2010

Screens & Your Kids

I've talked to more than one parent about their concern about their kids' obsession and addiction to video games.  Shortened attention spans, bursts of anger, lack of motivation, stifled creativity, relational problems, and boredom with life's simple pleasures all seem to go hand in hand with endless hours of zoning out in front of screens.

Dr. Daniel Amen believes video games are like cocaine.  And here's why ...

Parents - with the lazy days of summer looming ahead, now's the time to read this article and partner with your kids.  Work together to make some choices about their summertime schedule and activity level.  Partner with them to create days filled with swimming, tennis, ball, reading, hiking, paddling, climbing trees, volunteer work - and (gasp!) household tasks.

Any or all will be preferable to endless, hypnotic hours in front of screens.

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  1. Did I ever tell you guys what a superb website and blog you have online!!!!! It is so professionally done. I wish I had more time to peruse through it......but I especially enjoy the insights offered and the YouTube music.

    Excellent ministry!!!!


    (note received via email)


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