Monday, June 28, 2010

5 Lies

Leslie Vernick talks about a few of the lies that have come to define more than a few Christian marriages:

"Lie #1: If someone says she loves you, she should always want to please you, do what you want her to, and make you happy.

Lie #2: If you say you love someone that means you should always do what the other person wants you to do and always want to please him.

Lie #3: God has given men total decision making power in a family and over their wives.

Lie #4: When my wife disagrees or doesn’t want to do what I want her to do, that means she doesn’t love me or love God enough to submit to my leadership.

Lie #5: A wife’s sole purpose is to revolve herself around the needs and interests of her family. If she wants anything independent of those things, she is not loving her family or loving God first."

Read the whole article here ...

These lies are all a part of the manipulative dance that defines emotional abuse.

And there's nothing Christ-honoring, uplifting, or encouraging about these interactions.

Is it time to change the way you're dancing with your spouse?


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