Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Calm. Clear. Consistent.

Are your little ones going wild?  Not listening to you?  Shaking their undisciplined little fists in your face?  Shrieking and yelling uncontrollably?  Stamping their tiny feet and refusing to obey your instructions?

Cloud and Townsend discuss the basics of timeout for misbehaving kids.  Click here and here. It's clear and simple discipline. 

Now if we can only follow through!

The key to consistent, meaningful discipline?  The idea isn't just to make it through the day.  The focus must be to reach your goal of raising godly young men and women of integrity and character.

BOUNDARIES WITH KIDS is a great resource to check out.

Don't give up!  Love those little ones enough to be calm in your spirit.  Clear in your expectations.  And consistent in your follow through ~

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