Friday, February 5, 2010

"Keep Your Emotional Clothes On"

Trust issues.

You've been hurt so often and so deeply in the past that you can't even imagine developing new relationships. Yet, you are lonely. Envious of those who seem to effortlessly surround themselves with friends.

Cocooning yourself isn't working, is it ...

That's because we were created to live in community.

Leslie Vernick writes, "Don't give all your trust to every person you meet. In other words, keep your emotional clothes on until you have known someone for a while and she shows you her trust worthiness. Often we can be attracted to people who ooze personality and charm, but lack godly character. That kind of woman might be a fun person to hang out with at a retreat or social event, but without godly character, she will not make a good close friend. "

Be sure to read her post ... great insight in learning how to understand and adjust your relational "internal radar" when it's on "high alert."

Bottom line? You can learn to be discerning. You can learn to trust. You have something to offer. You can be a friend.

Relationships? They're worth the work ~


  1. I understand what Leslie V. says, but what do you do when you thought you were moving slowly with the relationship and giving too much of yourself and then all of a sudden she asks you why you have trouble reading books on abuse (specific) and everything just rolls out of my mouth. She takes it ok, but the next time you talk, the relationship isn't the same? Next time, I'll stick my foot in my mouth...:-(

  2. Thanks for your honesty, Barb! Who among us hasn't gone through that kind of rejection ...

    Those times can be hurtful to us and bring great disappointment and pain.

    The good news is that we get to choose how to respond ... and one way is to ask God not only to take away the sting of the hurt, but to replace it with a renewed sense of HIS delight in you!

    I've found out of hurtful relationships, He can can bring forth the fruit of discernment and wisdom, which helps us as we move ahead.

    May He contine to grow and shape you with His love!


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