Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 Evaluations 4 U

In the midst of the earth-shaking events that were defining her young life, God's Word tells us that Mary stopped to wonder and question (Luke 1:29, 34). To ponder (2:19). To marvel (2:33). To treasure all that was in her heart (2:51).

She thoughtfully, reflectively, passionately loved her Son, Jesus Christ. And we are invited to do the same.

As we finish out another year, I invite you to utilize these 2 evaluations as you reflect on the past 12 months.

So go ahead. Wonder. Question. Ponder. Marvel.

And if the Holy Spirit beckons you to confess something or ask for forgiveness or mend a relationship or two, please do listen to His voice. Let's not haul any unnecessary baggage into the new year.

Aren't you tired of carrying it around? Whatever or whoever it is, LET IT GO!

A Backward Look, A Sideways Glance

Ministry Evaluation

"Ponder what He has done" (Psalm 64:9). And do let me know what you discover!

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