Thursday, November 5, 2009

Your "Visual Resume"

Searching for a job? Going out on interviews? Working your way up the corporate ladder? You've worked hard at putting your best foot forward by polishing up your resume. It's well-presented and immaculate. You've done thorough research on the organization you're interviewing with. What's next?

Your appearance counts. People judge us at first glance. Yes, God looks at the heart and that is ultimately what's important. But we still live in the world. We need to provide for ourselves and our families. We need to "interview well" on every level in order to secure employment.

3 Tips for Dressing for Success

1. Dress at or above industry standards.

2. Fit in while standing out.

3. Appear effortlessly pulled together at all times.

Bring honor to Him by the way you present yourself ~

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