Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Going to the doctor's office. An essential part of life for us - and for the people we care for. Unfortunately, when it comes to talking with our health care professionals, many of us are intimidated. And this intimidation keeps us from remembering things we need to remember, asking things we need to ask, sharing what really concerns us most, and advocating for our own needs and concerns.

The end result? Feeling intimidated keeps us from developing an open relationship with the one we're entrusting the care of our physical bodies to. And like all important relationships, this is one that's worth cultivating. The doctor/patient relationship is a two-way, interactive partnership, with respect, courtesy, and honesty that extends both ways.


1. Don't be rushed. You are to be respected. You are worthy of your doctor's time and focus.

2. Discuss medications. If it's important to you, it's important to ask.

3. Write it down. Or have your doctor write it down.

4. Bring your glasses and hearing aid. It's vital to see and hear what the doctor shows or tells you.

5. Acknowledge any problems. Don't be embarrassed! Be sure that your doctor has seen or heard this before.


1. What are the common side effects?

2. What should I pay attention to?

3. When will the medicine begin to work?

4. What should I do if I miss a dose?

5. Do I take it at meals or between meals?

6. Do I need to drink a glass of water with it?

7. Are there foods, drugs, or activities I should avoid while taking this medicine?

To read more specifics, click here ...

And click here for the National Institute on Aging's guide, "Talking With Your Doctor: A Guide for Older People."

Good info for yourself and for the people you care for ~

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