Monday, August 3, 2009

August's Homekeeping Tasks

Fearing a concussion if you open that closet door?

Dressers jammed with too many unworn, unneeded items?

Hallway and stairs draped with spooky cobwebs?

Overwhelmed by the mass of stuff you've accumulated or held on to?

Looks like it's time to roll up your sleeves! It's time for our monthly homekeeping tasks!


Step # One:
Completely empty

Step # Two:
Thoroughly clean

Step # Three:
Organize stuff into 3 piles -

1. Keep - I use it/I love it

2. Donate/Sell items in good condition

3. Toss the rest

Step # Four:
Replace only with what you use or love.

Remember the rule -
If you don't use it or love it, it's outta here!

Several clients in recent months have reported great joy and relief as they've hauled bags and boxes away:

"My husband filled 3 1/2 bags of clothes to take to Goodwill tomorrow. He was so motivated! It was great!"

"I took 5 trash bags out to the van to donate, a ton of cardboard boxes broken down to be recycled, and 2 boxes of boys clothes to take to a friend. In the process of breaking down the boxes, I cleaned out a corner that's been accumulating clutter and bugging me. My thoughts are that a shelf of some sort would be better suited and purposed in that space ..."
I can promise you a wonderful feeling of relief and freedom as you clean out, reorganize, toss, donate. You'll appreciate what you do have. You'll feel like a huge load's been lifted off you as you hoist useless junk into the trash can. And you'll have a sense of peace and gratitude as you donate your worthwhile possessions to others who need them much more than you'll ever need them.

Most of us have far too much stuff, and we spend far too much time stacking it, sorting it, caring for it, shifting it from place to place. And being surrounded by clutter drains us - mentally and emotionally.

Let's simplify - and in the process bless others ~

BONUS: Click HERE to check out a creative, little I'M OUTTA HERE SHELF I love it!  Everything that's going out the door stashed in one place.  Sure beats the hazard of stacking things up by the back door or stairs ... or random piles here and there that never get remembered!


  1. boy...sure hope that pic wasn't really your closet!
    although, my daughter's is getting really bad as she hurries to clean her room for company and just throws everything in there. She has a nice sized closet with shelving at one end and such.

  2. Yes, you're looking at a super-bad closet day, but I can't claim responsibility for that one!

    Yes, closets, dishwashers, ovens and other spots with doors that close quickly make convenient, and sometimes dangerous, emergency storage units!

    Thanks, Marsha, for stopping by ...


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