Saturday, August 15, 2009

7 Cash Questions

1. What's my biggest money worry?

2. What are my top 3 savings priorities, in order of importance?

3. What am I pleased with about my financial life?

4. Is there anything I want to understand better about my finances?

5. If I had to cut back on spending, what 3 areas would I choose?

6. Would 3 would I avoid cutting?

7. Are there any important money tasks I've been procrastinating on?

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Perhaps it's time to do some soul searching, as well as tightening of the purse strings. It's time to be wise, to seek God, to ask Him to help us be brutally honest with our heart's intent and motivation when it comes to finances.

What might He be trying to teach you during the economic downturn?


"Of what use is money in the hands of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom?"
- Proverbs 17:16.

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