Saturday, July 18, 2009

Single Women

More and more of the women I'm connected with are single. Friends. Clients. People I share Community with. Some of them are in this place by choice. Others through no fault of their own. Some would like to be married. Others celebrate their freedom and autonomy. Some struggle with emotional pain and discouragement. Others possess a serendipitous joy.

But what I know to be true is that God has placed these women on my path and my life is richer for it - probably because I've been married since I was 20. They add a whole other dimension to my world. They have strengths I don't possess. An outlook on life that adds perspective to my own. And often, a faith that runs circles around what I've managed to cultivate.

And I've discovered that even though our marital status might be different, the needs of our hearts are the same. Our values, our worldviews mesh together. We really do come from the same place. Because we're women. And because we love Jesus.

For a few interesting thoughts on the lives single women lead, click on the links below:

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