Thursday, June 4, 2009

"The Solitudes of Walking"

... from a client's journal this week as she experienced the joy of discovery that hearing aids have brought ...

"... The first sound I heard this AM was the song of a bird ... very cool.

What a blessing to behold. Thank You, Daddy, for giving me the confidence to try another new thing. Tears of happiness!!

Walking seems more meaningful because I hear all of God's creation in harmony. I want to clap as the audience of one & say well done. I can't believe what orchestration is out there in God's wonderland! How beautiful are the quiet and not so quiet sounds. I feel so blessed to be a part of it as the creatures and plants take a bow. Maybe I didn't appreciate the solitudes of walking because I didn't hear it. I can hear the wind as it blows through trees & I just want to breathe in the freshness of it until a smelly bus goes by and ruins the solitude & relaxing quality of it.

Thank You, dear Lord for this present. I will remember it ..."

Joining this dear client in thanking God for healing, for hope ~

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