Wednesday, May 13, 2009

22 - 28?

According to a recent USA Today poll, the most important issues facing young adults (ages 22–28) are:

Making better money management decisions: 52 %

Strengthening family relationships: 18 %

Protecting the environment: 11 %

Balancing work and personal life: 10 %

Are you 22 - 28 years old? What do YOU think?



  1. Hmm... Well I'm not sure if those are what others have decided are facing us (I'm 26) or if that's what we've selected. I would say many have the first as they have bills, though it isn't an important issue for me as I've had good training in that area.
    The second is certainly important for me, but it's also second nature. Honestly cannot say 3 matters to most YA's. 4 is important but is also an expectation.

    So here are the 4 I think are the most important:
    1. How to develop a Christian support group if you live away from home.
    2. Maintaining college relationships since unlike High School friends, you won't see these friends unless you put forth effort since you are probably spread across a region of the US.
    3. Creating proper familial boundaries and transition from child to adult. (I am ever so grateful for parents who prepared ME for this transition instead of most Young Adults that have to train their parents instead)
    4. How to develop your career without the coddling my generation is accustomed to. We've been told we are special and so advanced for years and it's tough for people when we don't get the respect so ingrained in us once in the workforce.

    Well those are my thoughts from a Christian 26 year old.

  2. Great, thought-filled insights ... maybe you should have written that USA Today poll!

    Interesting that 3 out of your 4 issues are about relationships. I see that as very positive!



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