Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Food Fight

The cooler weather has hit. We're outside less and inside more. We might be a bit more on edge because the economy has "gone south." And we're concerned about our rising food bills. And wondering how we'll afford Christmas. And college. And retirement. And it's cold in the house because we really don't want to turn up the heat because that oil bill is going to be a killer. And what about health insurance. And the election. And the church. And my parents ... and the kids ... and the grandchildren ... and ... and ... and ...

What do we do? We wander into the kitchen. And graze. And graze some more. Aimlessly munching, chewing, crunching, tasting ... all to fill that void inside.

We have to come to the point where we accept the fact that food is not going to offer us comfort. Or hope for the future. Or free us from our fears. Only building our relationship with God can do that. What might our lives look like if we spent less time worrying and wondering and monitoring the TV and eating - and spent that time with the One who really calls the shots in our lives and in the world?

We also need to have a bit of an eating strategy. Read on to discover 8 Tips for Winning the Food Fight ... and I will admit to you that I've found practical, effective help through Weight Watchers.

Dealing with it ~

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