Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Economy

You turn on the news. Ominous music plays. Grim faced reporters and roller-coaster stock market reports instill an uncertainty, anxiety, fear.

You wait for the cashier to ring up your cart of groceries. Your jaw drops as you realize that you're paying double what you paid a year ago.

You go online and check your investments. They are disappearing like the wind.

What do you do?

First - Choose 1 way to get your news - TV, newspaper, online, radio, magazine. Get the news you need to get and then be done with it. Do not be swept into the habit of continually checking the stock market. Do not fill your home and your dinner hour with constant news updates. Develop the habit of playing soft praise music in your home to set an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Second - Plan menus for the week before food shopping. Check the circulars, comparison shop before you get in the car, use coupons, stock up when products you use are on sale. Now's the time to clean out the freezer and check the back of the cupboards and use what's already there.

Third - If your investments are balanced for where you are in life right now, take a deep breath and ride out the storm. If you need to see a financial advisor, do so.

Read on for one expert's refreshing perspective on dealing with this crisis ...

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