Monday, October 27, 2008

Brian's Prayer

This time of year reminds me
Of the story often told.
The story of the Saviour,
And how His life unfolds.

Not how we celebrate it
With dates upon a chart,
But how God chose to write it,
Produced in nature's heart.

Every season plays a part.
Autumn clearly shows
His glory seen in full array,
Hosanna before the blows.

Winter comes and so too death,
Then snow a cleansing white,
For blotting sin of humanity,
Saving future by His Light.

In spring we see arising,
Like opening a grave.
The promise of a sure return,
The Hope we truly crave.

Summer comes, life growing.
Just as Jesus grew in grace.
Thus leading to His Glory.
We have seen the Savior's face.

Imagine, God freely showing us,
All of this without a Book!
A miracle surrounds us.
If we would only take a look!

In Jesus' Name, Amen

While Brian wrote this prayer in 2002, it remains my favorite for this time of year. I had been talking to him the day he wrote this while we were going for a drive looking at the glorious beauty of the trees. I had told him how I felt about God showed us things in the seasons. When we got home he most eloquently put it in poem form. I was just astounded at his God given talent! I do thank God for His beauty and for giving me Brian and his talent as a very special gift.
Love, Joann

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