Tuesday, July 29, 2008

10 Killers of Genuine, Mature Community

"Ah - that's IT!." I practically shouted outloud. And over and over in his books, Pete Scazzero hits the nail on the head as he deals with emotional health and the church. I consider his books to be an incredible breakthrough in how we "do" church life and leadership ... and these truths extend to how we function as families, as well. In a nutshell, he maintains that we can not claim we are spiritually mature and still respond to life in an emotionally immature way.

Coming from his own life experience as a pastor, he vulnerably and honestly shares his journey and powerfully weaves together a Christ-centered approach to the integration of emotional health, contemplative spirituality, and discipleship.
Incredibly right on.

The 10 Killers?

1. We look to other people to tell us we are OK.

2. We think loving people means keeping them happy.

3. We lie.

4. We encourage false peace.

5. We are confused about anger.

6. We love our neighbors and not ourselves.

7. We over-function.

8. We are quick to speak and slow to listen.

9. We think "love believes all things" means we should believe all things.

10. We think differences mean division.

Striving to Grow in Grace ~

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  1. I read the "Emotionally Healthy Church". It touches on issues that have been overlooked for years by the church. Great insight into the ongoing emotional struggles that we have that don't seem to go away. A great philosophical treatise on faith and emotions. Our church will be discussing this book on Thursday, Aug. 21 at 7pm Clinton Corners EFC (845) 266-5310.


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